Film Composer

Benjamin Zecker has quickly built a reputation in the LA community as one of the more versatile up-and-coming young writers on the scene, from contributing Ocean’s 11-style funk to Almost Christmas (#1 Comedy in America) and aggressive, heart-pounding action for Taken (NBC) to fully–orchestrated animation scores à-la John Powell.

Ben cut his teeth as a freelance writer on the teams of Emmy, Annie and BAFTA-winning composers, contributing hours of music to big-budget studio features, hit network TV series, and Blockbuster AAA video games (see IMDb).

He works out of his 5.1–equipped studio StorySound Productions in NoHo’s Arts District and just finished scoring two hit animated series (Camp Camp&Nomad of Nowhere), as well as 3D-animated feature Sheep and Wolves 2 for Wizart Animation. His passion for film, teamwork and the rush of meeting insane deadlines has sparked a swift and successful transition from producer/touring musician to a career in film scoring in a remarkably short 3-year timespan.

Check out Ben’s IMDb page for a full list of credits, and listen to his latest OST to animated feature film ‘Sheep & Wolves: Pig Deal’ on Spotify!