Museum of Science's Mugar IMAX® Dome Pre-Show is LIVE!

March 14, 2022

Ben is the first composer after John Williams to score the Mugar IMAX Dome Pre-Show; featuring Leonard Nimoy's iconic voice-over.

After 3 years in production, the new pre-show for the recently renovated Mugar IMAX® Dome at Boston Museum of Science is finally live! I am honored to have composed and produced the score & sound, working with writer/producers Kirsten Holmes, Bruce Spero and the special FX team from inception to create this immersive, awe-inspiring 4 minute IMAX experience. It features bits of Leonard Nimoy's iconic voiceover, gorgeous BBC footage, animation, optical illusions and a light show. We worked largely in Oculus to simulate the Dome screen and track panning etc.

Huge thanks to my team on this: Gregory Thomas Huegel, my friend and lead sound designer who created world-class SXF largely on analog & digital hardware synths. Scott Michael Smith who mixed the score brilliantly in IMAX6, and Patrick Spain who did a fantastic job mixing the final sound in a single day @ 424 Inc. Also, a great big thanks to the incredible LA orchestra musicians and soloists who lent their talents to the score, and lastly Joel Douek who set us up with a proper Oculus rig to get the job done.

I'm proud to have contributed some art and energy to a world renown place of learning for millions see, hear and enjoy in the coming decades.

Below are some still taken inside the theatre: